Mental Health | Characteristics and Hygiene

Mental Health
Mental health is just as important as physical health. Learn why taking care of your mental health is essential for overall wellbeing.

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Mental health is a particular condition of living effectively and adjusting happily in the world. This situation and circumstances of human adjustment to the world and environment for living a contended life is named mental health. It is strongly connected with our feelings of emotion, behavior, and some other psychological and cognitive abilities.

Perception of Mental Health:

If you are a mentally fit person, you will show a positive attitude towards life and self. A positive attitude makes you conscious of your strength and abilities also you know your weaknesses too. You can easily put your weaknesses behind can easily enhance your strengths. It affects your cognition and behavior. It refers to physical wellness which means you are emotionally, psychologically, and physically fit and fine.

If your mental well-being is appropriate, you are capable of achieving your goals and milestones of progress and growth. Understanding and recognizing yourself turns you into a self-aware person who is strong and determined ready to cope with disorders and stress and plays a vital role in the development of society. 

It is an essential part of our health which deals with the coping mechanism and with certain skills and abilities like decision-making, and communication. It also deals with relationship management. It is something very crucial about overall developments.

Mental wellness is not only a condition of mere lack of disorders or diseases rather it is a very complex and complicated thing because the situation and experience vary from person to person. Everyone goes through different and difficult circumstances and experiences, some hard realities in their life and hence they deal with problems regarding their potential.

A mentally fit person is able to adopt the changes that could be of any type like environmental changes and social changes. Such a person can manage events that cause stress and anxiety by taking less effort. This property is known as integration. Another quality that mental fitness generates in a person is owning one’s responsibilities and choosing the choices by taking risks. When you accept the reality of the world it moves you away from the world of fantasy.

There are also some disabilities and mental issues along with disorders that put mental health at risk. Such dangerous conditions can drag the mental state of people to the lowest level of mental wellness.

Characteristics and Attributes:

The characteristics and attributes of mental fitness are mainly optimism and satisfaction.

A positive attitude toward self means feeling and doing well which is another feature. Building new relationships and taking care of others by being kind and affectionate toward those who love and care about you. 

The tendency of handling and coping with mental issues and with stress and anxiety is also included in its characteristics. Another component of positive mental wellness is to consider self as a worthy and valuable individual. one feels the enthusiasm and exceptional energy in us when one knows personal importance. 

A perfectly mentally fit person has the quality of personal, professional, and environmental adjustments. He shows emotional maturity in nature and has a diversity of interests.

Characteristics of an Unhealthy Mental State:

Like the positive characteristics of perfect mental fitness, we have to discuss the negative aspects of unstable mental health. What are the characteristics of an unhealthy mind? Now let us talk about a few symptoms:

Feeling Dissatisfaction –

It is a condition and sense of feeling lonely and dissatisfied with one’s performance.

The feeling of disappointment and sadness results in decreasing interest in living life. A person in this state of mind cannot focus on doing any activity which results in the shattering of immunity and confidence level.

Lack of Emotional Maturity –

A person who is mentally sick lacks emotional maturity he doesn’t know how to deal with his emotion. He could not easily adjust himself to the changes. The changes could either be in habits, relationships, or the environment. Emotional immaturity is actually a condition where a person cannot control outbursts of emotions. He locks the ability of emotional management.

Having Sleep Issues –

Insomnia and fewer sleep hours create restlessness in irritation in the nature of person. Not enough sleep can arise stress and anxiety issues which is the root cause of mental illness. Sleeping too much or sleeping habits can cause disorders.

 Lack of Interest-

Showing less or no interest in meeting and communicating with others. Lack of interest in building new relations is another characteristic of an unhealthy mental state.

Psychological and Mental Disabilities| Issues or Disorders:

Mental health issues refer to psychological issues and disorders. We have to see what the root of mental diseases is and where all this happens.  Mental illness is a condition where our mind gets troubled in functioning properly. It also brings some other disorders and issues with the sickness of the mind. 

The huge problem that is considered the root cause of mental illness is stress and anxiety. First of all, our thinking process and behavior falls victim to it then it stabs our emotions. We will talk about these problems in detail with the causes and symptoms and hygiene.

Stress and Anxiety Lead to Depression –

Stress and anxiety are conditions where people experience threats and feelings of fear. Overthinking about worries and difficulties can cause irritability in nature which influences our behavior. It affects our functioning and dealings mechanism and also put a negative impact on our physical health. 

Emotional health gets completely disturbed because of an increased level of stress. The causes of stress include overthinking little issues for example people feel anxious and stressed when their friends or colleagues pass comments on them or criticize them for any flaw or deficiency. With the passage of time, this bullying becomes part of their thoughts. Even if the coping mechanism is weakened to deal with it then these issues take a step towards severity. 

The severe stress and anxiety level lead to depression. The symptoms of stress and depression are anger, insomnia, digestive problems, irritability in nature, body and muscle pain, frustration, and overthinking.

Suicidal Attempt and Death Plans –

When worries and problems increased, and they started to hit you hard then thoughts of suicide start to generate in your mind which is a bigger and clear sign of mental illness. The feeling of hurting yourself is something more severe and alarming. 

In this condition, the patient wants to run away from worries and problems by attempting suicide. It is quite an alarming situation now as the ratio of adults who are going through this phase of thinking, planning death| and attempting suicide is increasing every year. The reason for such thinking is extreme depression and pessimism.

Schizophrenia and Bipolar –

Schizophrenia and bipolar is a psychological disorder that is hallucinations and mood swings issues. Mental illness like bipolar disorders causes loneliness and extreme change in behavior. The delusion issues are also a reason that leads you toward depression. 

Their symptoms include hearing voices which are not existing it means having hallucinations while bipolar disorder symptoms include low feelings of sadness and emptiness, loneliness, and worthlessness or bizarre behavior due to continuous mood shifting.

Contributing Factors:

We have a huge number of reasons that cause mental illness. The factors that actually contribute to ruining mental health. This factor includes major traumas, abuses, worst experiences, phobias, excessive drug intake, biological factors, or other medical problems.

For example, if a person has gone through some unaccepted and unexpected situation like childhood mental abuse assault, and traumas, or a child has witnessed some brutal physical violence or mental torture, then there is a high chance that these factors can influence his physical and emotional health. Because a child has less immunity than adults, so he is more exposed and vulnerable to certain phobias and unhealthy mental states.

Consumption of excessive alcohol and drugs can cause mental instability. 

Isolation and loneliness can contribute to the development of feelings of a worthless and valueless creature while sometimes, a hormonal imbalance can be a leading factor of mental illness.

Mental Hygiene and Prevention:

Mental hygiene is basically strategies for the prevention of mental illness. It is taking measures to improve mental state and reduce stress and risks by coping with them. Design or create an environment that suits your mental health. Education, healthcare, environment, and justice can play their role in promoting prevention and mental hygiene.

Mental healthcare organizations pay significant efforts as they are dealing with mental illness issues at the national level. The healthcare sector and mental health agencies are working on prevention and mental hygiene by making it their priority.

Even some organizations are providing treatment privately and voluntarily. Some NGOs are also providing mental services. Nowadays it is the highest need of society to deal with the suicide. The prevention of suicide is on the priority list of mental hygiene. In order to promote hygiene media should also play a responsible role in reporting. This global goal can be achieved by providing education regarding controlling suicidal thoughts and managing mental issues. 

Restricting the ways of access by blocking and putting a ban on alcohol, and harmful pesticides in addition to making it a compulsion for drug and medical stores owner to provide medicines after confirming it from doctors’ written prescriptions. This will be an effective step in reducing the ratio of suicides.

As an effective prevention, one can see toward government’s legislation. The strategies and regulation of legislation prove itself a healthy gesture in protecting the mental state and health.

What Measures one Should Take to Strengthen Mental Health?

There are a few tips and tricks that we can use to develop a strong mental state. These tips help out in maintaining balance in your emotions and behavior.  A good medical condition reduces the level and intervention of stress and anxiety. Most countries of the world are taking measures and searching or discovering different ways to meet the need of people required for good mental health. The tips are as follows:

Consider your Value or Worth –

The first trick is about self-importance. You should believe in your value and treat your personality as the top priority. You can do it by ignoring others’ negative and selfish comments or remarks they pass about you and do not indulge in excessive self-criticism. Spend some time with yourself and create an atmosphere of joy and happiness around you. Build some new relationships and make new habits. 

Accept and give love and compassion. Be kind and careful toward yourself.  Play games and do your favorite leisure activities. You can even play word games that need mental strength. You can also learn and acquire new languages.

Pay Attention to Physical Wellness-  

Physical fitness is somehow interconnected and correlated to mental wellness. So, you should go for extracurricular activities if you are a student at college or university. Take healthy and nutritious meals and avoid unhealthy or junk food. Stay hydrated and do daily exercise for physical fitness. 

Try to be a part of an environment where you can enjoy the real company of yourself and your friends. Get good sleep to avoid irritation and anger problems whereas, enough sleep also plays the game of its role in decreasing stress, anxiety, and depression.

Get a Good Company –

Having good company and connection is something that keeps you away from stressful events and difficult situations. The people surrounding you should have a helping nature for example if you have some deficiency or flaw in your personality then the company that surrounds you should let their helping hand reduce the sense of inferiority rather than to start bullying. Good friends and family are an essential part of plans to visit your favorite places. Choose supportive friends to accompany you in order to explore the world.

Manage Stress –

Life is complex and no doubt it is full of difficulties. No one in this world leads a perfectly happy life. This era is also an era of stress and depression these issues have bounded everyone, and they kept influencing our life. 

To live a healthy life, you should know how to cope with stress and manage its reduction. Exercise and meditation are important in reducing stress levels so one can do meditation and yoga daily. Feel relaxed and comfortable, watch comedy movies, and smile. Go for morning and evening walks and enjoy nature’s company.

Do Meditation –

Sometimes, we need space and quiet time with self and our creator, this helps a lot in managing mental wellness. Offer prayers to get inner satisfaction and relaxation of mind. Meditate to keep calm and feel happy. Focus your concentration on the thoughts that make you feel happy that bring a smile to your face. This will enhance your concentration power and it will improve your mental condition.

Eliminate Feelings of Insecurity –  

Reject to think those things that haunt you. Ignore and eliminate the people and things that create a sense of insecurity. Adjust yourself by adopting changes in the environment, try to be part of an environment where you feel secure, and come out of the shell of insecurities. Trust and believe in yourself and remember that you can do it.

Ask for a Doctor’s Help –

Seeking professional health is an important concern that a mentally ill person should show prior to any kind of serious mishap. Consult a doctor or psychological counselor when you feel the need and seek it before the problem gets severe. Don’t let these illnesses destroy and damage your positivity and personality.

How to Help Other Sufferers of Mental Illness?

Suppose your loved ones or someone from your friend circle is suffering from mental disorders then you should lend a helping hand to them by encouraging them and giving them hope that everything will be fine as scientists and psychologists know how to treat the certain issue. 

Do not blame or criticize the patient when they want to spend some time with themselves do not be upset that they are ignoring you.  But here is a point to ponder you have to help them and accompany them in this tough time. Keep them highly motivated so they could recover.

Wrap Up:

Mental health is a condition of physical wellness.  it is all about keeping your mind healthy and stable by controlling your emotions and thoughts or by managing positive behavior. Whereas mental issues and related psychological issues are something that should be dealt with immediately if not, they could be life-threatening.


1. How we can deal with depression?

 Depression is a disease and mental illness. It is a sense of feeling sad and left out. Thinking about some worries of life is something that happens often but overly and excessively thinking about worries life generates sadness and feeling of depression. You can handle it through meditation and yoga, or the best way is to seek professional help or psychological counseling.

2. How we can diagnose mental health problems?

 No doubt, it is a sensitive topic to talk about but if you notice some symptoms like feeling left out, losing courage and motivation, and continuous mood swings in person than you can diagnose that there is some sort of mental issue with that person.


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