Goal Setting & Achievement – Elements & Plans

Goal Setting & Achievement - Elements & Plans
Turn your dreams into reality with this practical guide to goal setting and achievement.

If you are about to explore the internet to learn what goal setting and achievement are, this blog is here to guide you.

Goal setting and achievement are essential and primary components of a successful life and career. Goals are the advanced plans to get the achievement or reward one desire basically they are routes to success whereas goal setting is making a roadmap to accomplishment. So, one can say that goals are a level of competence and achievement is related to performance. It is a process of motivation to achieve goals and accomplish ambitions.

Need to Set Goals:

We all have some purpose in our life, so it is necessary to have a purpose to pass life, otherwise, it becomes boring and like stagnant water which is not worth anything. At some point in life, we feel the need to set goals to set our careers and live a satisfied and luxurious life, to know our competence and uplift our abilities to win the world. Everyone needs to mark milestones to get a purpose in life. When we talk about goals and goal setting everyone agrees and many of us have already set them but just planning and living in the world of fantasy is not enough as they do not think of strategies to achieve them. They do not make a roadmap that would make it easy for them to achieve. Modern society is encouraging and motivating us to thrive for success and luxuries of society. 

Elements of Goal Setting:

An effective goal setting needs a proper plan to execute and the strategies play the role of a torch bearer in the journey of achievements. First thing is to set personal or professional goals as both matter a lot in providing a broader view of what you want. To think properly and act smart is one of the elements of goal setting. SMART is a framework to adopt the strategy that suits your goals. It is the policy and abbreviation of specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely goals.

Specified Goals –

Specified means a well-defined goal that is strong and clear in detail along with the right direction . for example if you want to do a business you have to first answer the questions like what kind of business you can do and what you will do to take the start. How you can manage it? What do you need to invest? What are better opportunities? You must have clarity of thoughts and a better view of business if you are up to start a business. This broader vision and specific goal will lead you in the right direction. 

Accountable and Measurable – 

Set goals that are understandable and accountable so that you can find out and measure if you are going well and how you are moving forward to reach the destination. This accountancy and measurement are helpful in finding the pace of your journey toward achievement. If you have made some long-term goals and a bigger framework you can divide them into smaller ones so to make your target easily achievable in a short period of time. 

For example, If your goal is to write a script of tv series and drama then to count the pace of this goal you can divide the script into chapters or episodes, or if your goal is film making then you can do the same in terms of the script and regarding shoot the sequence you can divide the episodes into scenes and the number of dialogues which you have to direct in the coming time.

Achievable –

In the process of goal setting just remember to choose a realistic goal that is achievable. explore yourself and ask your mind and heart if the goal is reasonable and do the situations around you are currently suitable to attain goals. For example, if your goal is to become a lawyer but you did not have the license or you lack the skills of law in that case just having a  degree in law might not be enough for that you need to practice and gain the skills same is the case with judges and jury goals having just a law degree does not make you able to sit on a judge seat it would need the specific certificates that are essential but you do not have that so to make the goal attainable get the needed degree or certification. 

Suitable and Relevant –

If you are working hard and trying your best to have the appropriate results and giving the energy to get the objectives and the aim successfully then the outcome should obviously show movement and progress toward the achievement of the goal. 

The level of competence should meet the level of passion. If you want to be a manager you should ask that is it your passion or if the passion meets your skills. Will you enjoy leading a team or company? Will your passion remain the same for a longer time?

The future goals are long-lasting and manageable because they are driven by inner motivation in order to achieve goals.

Favorable and in Good Time –

It is necessary to hang a sword of time on your head or set a deadline for you to accomplish your goals. Actually to be on time is an aspect of measuring the pace with which you are and you need to move to get the targeted goal. Without setting a deadline and establishing the end line how can one begin our journey? Allocation of time is necessary for achieving goals and one can consider time as an aspect of measuring goals.

What are The Formulating Plans to Set Goals?

There are a few strategies and plans that we can formulate in goal setting and achievement. First of all, we should do a selection and rejection process ruthlessly. Reject those thoughts and other ideas that come as a hurdle in your goal-setting and achievement journey, It is all about ignoring the distractions. Let us discuss the basic plans and policies one should choose to achieve the aims.

Sort out Goals –

The first strategy is to sort out goals and select the best one according to you and your passion to eliminate others by rejecting them as sometimes it happens when your other goals become an obstacle in the path to achieving the bigger one. The one for which you struggle. These other goals distract your thoughts and concentration and they demand your time and attention. 

When you pay attention and start to observe them in a priority list and you take the decision to achieve them as well they started to compel you to focus more on them and as a result, your focus gets blurred and energy down from chasing off the first and main goal. We can not ride on two boats at the same time so one should choose one and left the other. 

Stop focusing on the other options, pay full attention, and concentrate on one goal at a time.

Obviously, doing hard work and getting progress toward a goal would lead you one day on the path of achievement, and once you achieved the goal you can thrive for the second goal on your priorities list. 

We think typically when we fail to achieve something we start to blame the method of approach just exercise thinking something bigger that motivates us. Excuses often make issues bigger actually goal setting is somewhere about the selection of goals. A person should pick his dream as a goal so that he could stay motivated and focus better.

We need to be consistent in chasing goals. 

Target Goals –

The second strategy is planning to target a certain goal. Draw a specific roadmap for adjustment of the level of performance that is to keep an eye on your goal and stick to it no matter what comes ahead you will never change the aim that you have selected after ruthless elimination. 

The person who has a plan can reach their destination in a given time whereas it becomes impossible for those who never planned any strategy to achieve a goal. The plan enables you to implement and put the effort into chasing dreams. It is about strategizing the implementation process of how you are going to adopt certain skills and decide how to behave in a particular manner and show professionalism. Hence you start to implement it by exercising and practicing. 

For example, if you are up to leaving the habit of smoking you will study the steps that how you can stop smoking and then you will start the practical demonstration of it. You can even change your habits or transform them by setting them as goals these are small goals. So actually one should make a bridge between goals and habits. Our habits are in fact our system processes that are part of our routine It needs time to fill the gap as it helps a lot in turning our goal into a reality.

Set a Boundary –

Set a limit or boundary as we have talked about the time deadline. Always remember to draw a lower limit for your achievement journey and make yourself bound to that. Think and decide what will you do with minimum chances of achievement ask yourself what you can do even at the lowest self. Set the target on an upper limit, for example, if a salesman’s goal is to sell 20 products in a day he should set an upper boundary or limit and make a target that he will not sell beyond 20 products in a day. 

For long-lasting success, you need to put in more effort but make sure that the efforts never turn infinite or unlimited here at this point setting upper limitations seems like a magic trick.

The key Assumptions of Setting Goals:

We are given basically the five assumptions and principles for goal setting and achievement. These principles are related to the specification of goals, sticking, and getting self-attached to goals. Make your goal a difficult challenge and look for feedback.

Show Dedication –

One should stay committed to our goals and show our full zeal and dedication to achievements. Dedication refers to the determination and self-attachment to the aim despite the hurdles and difficulties. The level of performance and competence increases and become strong when a person shows commitment and dedication along with the seriousness to make a goal a reality. It is something like turning imagination and fantasies into reality. 

Committed people never take a step back even when they face obstacles they are highly determined to perform competently and in case the performance is insufficient they change their plan and make another master strategy for achievement. In the situation where people selected the more difficult and challenging motives.  

The higher challenges attack first their confidence and if they are determined they bring them out from the difficult phase but what happens when people start it with less dedication they lost track and give up.

There is the possibility of other influences as well because we could be in such circumstances where our commitment could fall for factors that can influence our performance. All we need to compete with such influencing factors is the requirement of a clear vision and a complete understanding of goal setting and achievement.  

We have already discussed the clarity of thoughts in goal setting and understanding of implicit goals as clarity brings motivation and motivation brings satisfaction.

Complicated Exercise –

The complexity of tasks should not turn into complications as it affects our level of competence and performance. When our skills get affected by the complexity of a goal it causes a sudden down in motivation and morale. Reconsidering the time limit toward growth and achievement of objectives gives us a chance to improve in skills and performance.

Ask for Feedback –

Feedbacks are of two types: inner and outer. The inner feedback is our own level of satisfaction with our performance and achievement. It is an effective and essential step in goal setting and achievement. An immediate review can help to increase if the level of performance and energy falls down. It is where we do a reflection process to figure out our abilities and skills, decode imperfections and struggle to set some new rules and recognitions with strong determinations to attain a goal. 

Delaying a feedback process is an open invitation to delay the self-evaluation and evaluate the effectiveness of policies for the growth. As human beings, we are always on the way to learning and acquiring something new so never be afraid of getting negative feedback as this negative is there to turn your expectations into positive production.

Classification of Goals:

Goals and achievement is classified into many classes by keeping in mind the nature of goal we figure out different types of goal here which are as follows:

Short-term Goal And Long-term Goal –

Short-term goals are goals with instant results or outcomes. They are known as short-term goals perhaps because of the less effort or shorter time deadline, for example, there are some goals that you are challenged to attain within 24 hours or they could extend from week to month. 

These are sometimes that smaller part to which you divided a long-term goal for example writing a journal, taking professional course classes, making a new habit, etc. 

Long-term goals are the specified ones. These are the specific goals that need a great time limit for the achievements and demand greater efforts. For example, as a long-term goal, we can select to start a business, fulfilling a childhood dream to become a lawyer or judge and learn new skills, etc. 

Some other types of short-term and long-term goals are also mentioned below:

1- Job | career goals

2- Educational goals

3- Personal and professional financial goals

Some Engrossing Facts:

The fact that realistic goals are easier to achieve because the specific goals give assess to be driven to reality .when you are up to create and develop a new habit it takes some time because the brain exercised it daily and hence develops the idea of that habit by repeating the same exercise our brain becomes used to of it and hence it turns into a habit.  Remember what are your goals and stick to them firmly and never take a shortcut to achieve something bigger because it is not worth it and could also create problems later. 

Sometimes it becomes even harder to change the goal so change it when you want otherwise you should not opt for the changing goal decision to please others.

Sometimes it is important to take a break to avoid the possibility of messing up. Don’t be afraid of making changes when it is needed, do it with the spirit of coming back strong.  

Final Verdict:

Goal setting and achievement are actually a framework to lead a successful life. It has many elements and principles as an essential part. All you need is the zeal, and enthusiasm in life to achieve something bigger and valuable. Focus and courage are the key factors to moving ahead even after failures.


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