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Discover the mystical side of spirituality and unlock your inner potential through this transformative journey of practice and enlightenment.

There are many questions about spirituality, this blog will answer your doubts. Let’s get in, to grasp the knowledge about mysticism.

Spirituality is a comprehensive theory of belief. It is a sense of recognition and feeling that there is a connection that is higher and ahead of self. It is a common experience. We can not deny the reality of divinity. It means we feel a connection in us that is bigger and greater than ourselves. we can say it is having a belief in the creator of the world,  the divine creator who created all. 

People explain this experience as a supernatural and a sacred one. Many of us find its link with only worshipping or holy places like mosques, churches, temples, etc. There is another group of people that think it is just about praying and developing a strong personal relationship with the creator or some higher power. 

The term with it raises questions about the existence of humans and the world for example, What is the best possible way of living a life? Why we are facing sufferings? Etc. People seek meaning and purpose in life which shows a deep relationship between religion and spirituality.

Hints of Mysticism |Spirituality:

The definition of mysticism varies, for some people, it is only practicing religion and all about the belief in something divine while for others,  it is the feeling or sense of experiencing the link with the divine creator or with supernaturals. Sometimes sensing the connection with nature. 

There are some hints which make us think about mysticism and these hints include the questions about life and life after death, Indulging in asking deep questions about the sufferings and difficulties in the journey of life. Feelings of empathy and experiencing sympathy and some exceptional connection with others. The feeling of happiness for the end reward is higher than materialism. 

Desire the world to become an ideal place like a paradise to live in. Questioning again and again about the purpose of a meaningful life. It is not the same for everyone It’s a  concept and experience that varies from one to another. One can even see it in every respect of life. Sometimes for some people, it seems experiencing only under certain circumstances or specific situations For example you feel this when you are walking around nature and admiring its beauty or in the condition of worshipping at Holy places.

Motives and Purpose of Life:

From the very beginning of life on earth, humans are finding and seeking answers to the existence and purpose of life and the motive behind existence. Humans are searching for where they belong. what will happen after death and where our souls go after leaving the body. These are the question that everyone asks once in life. 

The significant question of the purpose of existence is traveling all around the world apart from religion. some people want to see the world through the third eye. Of course, everything happens for a reason so how come our existence could be purposeless so the motive is to recognize oneself and the creator to love the divine power of God who creates all creatures. Realize what happens with our soul when it is departed. Where does it go when it lefts the body? The Soul definitely exists in our physical body. There is a higher power that is playing its role in the universe and dealing with these existences with great mastery in a perfect manner. 

The divine power is greater than the physical world. Millions of people across the world are trying to experience this realization and through this realization, they achieved the aim to reach the code of human presence and under their guidance, they actually have cracked the discipline of human existence. For this purpose, meditation is quite helpful.

Practices of Spirituality:

When we practice mysticism we find a connection beyond the self. A connection that is higher than ourselves. The practices instill a feeling of contentment in us and it relaxes our minds and brings awful peace to our souls. These practices include meditation, yoga, prayers, Deep breathing, and breathing, Visiting and observing nature. Some people even find serving humanity a spiritual practice.

Meditation –

Meditation is a quiet time and a method of concentration. When we will ignore the distractions of the transcendental world our soul will lead us inside the spiritual areas by opening a third eye. It is not our body that travels but it is our soul that travels to the spiritual world. The experience realizes us about the god love and self-love A person finds himself in a situation that uplifts the purpose of life. 

He came to know that the motive of our existence is the love of god and love for humanity, love is the fundamental formula of existence. Meditation is a spiritual practice and this practice from time to time makes us eager to experience God’s love,  God’s love makes our soul excited to meet his creator and return to home the original place from where it belongs.

Worship –

Offering prayer and doing worship is a process one does to get the feeling of relaxation It develops a feeling of compassion and genuinely enables us to empathize it incarnates an emotion of gratitude and gives positive vibes along with hope. 

The roots of prayer again lie in the belief system that obviously there is a higher power that keeps influencing our life in fact it influences each and every aspect of life so one should surrender ourselves to it. So that one can find ease and comfort by seeking help from Him. Even the nonbelievers say that there is a presence that hears and shows concern for their matters or well-being.

Practicing Yoga –

Yoga is also accountable for practicing spirituality. It is making postures physically to meditate and focus on the specific objective. It targets the sense of ethics and unity. Centuries ago yoga was adopted as a spiritual practice. Now mainly it is used for reducing stress factors.

Writing Journals –

Writing journals was adopted as a practice to know one’s inner self and to see genuine feelings. It gives you awareness about the inner life and secrets of life. You can feel the connection with the real you. Writing in hard and tough phases of life could help you later to understand a meaningful life.

There are a few groups of people that manifest mysticism in correspondence with religion for example Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism, Christianity, Humanism, and Sikhism.

How Mysticism and Religion are Related to Each Other?

Many of us did the mistake to think that religion and mysticism are the same of course it is not the same but is related to each other. Spirituality has some elements of religion as well and there is a little bit of difference between the two. 

They overlap on points of belief system and thinking, ease and comfort, and happiness. The religion’s concerned question is about truth and false, right and wrong whereas, mysticism is related to questions of personal identification, values, and meanings of life.

Differences – 

It is a fact that mysticism and religion overlap and imbricate on many points but as we have said before that they are not the same so here are some differences between the two; Religion is considered something like a practice to be done by a community on a larger scale. 

It has basic grounds and customs along with a set of rules to be followed. In religion, the main focus is on believing in and worshiping God, following Holy books and prophets’ teachings and religious testimonies or statements meanwhile spirituality is practiced by individuals or individually. 

It has no rules to abide by and keeps its main focus on discovering the self and purpose of life it is a journey of the individual personally toward the mystic world. Religion is a traditional thing that is with humans from the first day while mysticism is an evolution that ends in a revolution in personal life. Whereas we follow religion for two reasons i.e love or fear while the other is a practice we do intentionally for personal identification and acceptance.

Similarities – 

Though there are a lot of differences between the spiritual and religious worlds we also find some similarities while doing comparisons between the two. The first similarity is an area of belief. Religion has its basics in faith and belief while in mysticism we also find the element of belief both believe in a higher power but religion labels it with the name of God and hence specifies the power while the latter never labels the higher or supernatural power. The aspect of the purpose of life and its motif is another common point both kept their focus on the motives of a meaningful life. 

According to religious persons who are followers of some specific religion their purpose is divine and serving divinity here the other’s opinion is also the same the purpose of existence is to find the right path and to reveal the secret behind the purpose and meaning of life. Most religious teaching discloses their teaching that there is another life the eternal one, maybe in heaven. 

Religious persons are following and taking efforts to enter the next phase or stage and the same is done by spiritual persons to do efforts to see the next stage. It’s just they are trying to see the next stage in advance without doing wait of death. They try to become the kind of person who will see the blessings of experiencing the next phase or period of life. Besides believing in higher power both believe in soul existence. They confirmed the statement that the soul lives inside the human body. A soul is an important unit of life.

Why Do People Take Up Spirituality?

A huge number of reasons tell the uses and advantages of being spiritual. People take up the call to be spiritual for many reasons the first one is to explore the meaning and motive of life and the existence of well-being in the universe. What is the philosophy of life and why we are here? What functions and services one has to give? From where do our souls belong? What is the concept of life after death and how it functions? People turn to mysticism so that they could develop a coping mechanism for depression, stress, and anxiety, and the experience really does well in this regard. To reject pessimism and ignore it and replace it with optimism and hope. people decide to go on a spiritual journey to make a positive outlook toward life.

Connection of Science and Spirituality:

The connection between science and spirituality is a little bit confusing as people have linked it with religion but still, it has some points or views that should be under discussion. Science is a subject that works on the search for truth just like spirituals aspire. Spirituality gives a shout to insight and wisdom whereas science is also working to get knowledge and It seeks to advise and educate minds. 

Some people had made it contradictory with religion whereas the truth is that it is necessary to stick to and follow the related religion’s teaching but too much attachment is harmful to science and mysticism. The contradiction between science and religion is just because of having different dogmas. These are the dogmas that have pushed both into a continuous battle of contradiction. 

History shows the conflicts between religion and science here leaving religion aside one has to pay attention to science and mysticism as we have mentioned above that religion is somewhere different from mystic experiences. The researchers have found that the roots of science lie in the old magic tradition of western culture. Which is known as kabbalah. The psychological theories of emotion are related to and about exploring and tracking one’s emotions by focusing on certain things. The emotional experience is something that changes from individual to individual. 

So science does not merely function on theories actually the approved theories are based on reality. Science emphasizes taking out the concept and faith of attachment according to this all beliefs should be sacrificed to get intense penetration into reality and the truth of life. Science aims at searching and exploring to discover the deepest and dark realities and truth while spirituality aims to search for the reason and causes behind abstracts and facts and unseen realities of nature.

Advantages of the Spiritual World: 

The spiritual’s world revolves around dogmas and faith The advantages of spiritual practices result in the change of views both religiously and scientifically and the end results are obviously breathtaking. Mysticism and religion are beneficial in coping with mental issues like depression and all. It reduces stress and stops it from being a part of life. Research shows that spiritual exercise and activities help young and aged people in ignoring negative vibes and emotions. 

It helps to distract the noise of pessimism and gloominess in your inner self. Another study revealed the ratio of aged and old women who thanked and feel grateful is more than that of older men due to this gratitude they get peaceful health. Those who have a natural inborn religious inclination show minimum sensitivity toward stress than the extensive ones. The natural inclination and orientation of religious ones toward God solely and purely seem like a dedication to their lord and superpower. 

while the others are the ones who only did so and use religion to make new bonds and communicate with new friends and the reason to move into the social circle. Spiritual persons count gratitude as a reason behind their physical fitness and healthy well-being. 

A spiritual person meets with no hypertension or less hypertension problem.

Capacity to Reach Perfection:

A spiritual point of view may assist you in the difficult phase of life or enables you to learn something from a hard time in life. spiritual activities reduce the pain and add an experience of recognition. Difficult times and situations can easily be faced by generalizing this point of view. You can make good choices and let go of distractions and pessimism,  make forgiveness a habit, and live the journey to reach perfection by following the path of  spirituality.


Spirituality is a process of personal recognition and self-exploration. It gets started by questioning “I” and “who” and ends with finding the meaning of existence. One can start practicing spirituality at any part of life by following the basic guidelines and spending more time with self in isolation. 

First, try to keep silent here the silence is not to get distracted by inner noises of self-such as negative feelings and thoughts, you are required to manage it by ignoring them and creating a soothing atmosphere for meditation. Learn from others’ experiences and make positive thinking a habit. Many books are available on the topic of spirituality which means you can have a wide range of perspectives on it.   


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