Start your technical skills with the fundamentals of coding and programming languages, like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Learn the basics of project management, including planning, execution, and monitoring to be successful in business

Identify the stakeholders and define the project scope to ensure a clear understanding of the project goals and objectives.

Create a comprehensive project plan that outlines all the necessary steps and milestones required to complete the project successfully.

Adopt an agile approach to project management, with an emphasis on collaboration, flexibility, and continuous improvement

Use project management software and tools to streamline communication, manage tasks, and track progress

Develop a risk management plan to anticipate and mitigate potential issues that may arise during project execution

Improve your communication skills to effectively convey project updates, status reports, and changes to stakeholders

Continuously evaluate the project progress against the timeline and adjust as necessary to ensure on-time delivery

Conduct a post-project review to identify areas for improvement and apply lessons learned to future projects