Start with self-awareness: Understanding your own values, beliefs, and communication style is crucial in building authentic relationships

Listen actively: Paying attention to what others are saying, asking questions, and responding thoughtfully shows that you value their input.

Empathize and validate: Showing empathy and acknowledging others' feelings can help build trust and create a deeper connection

Communicate clearly: Being clear and concise in your communication can prevent misunderstandings and strengthen relationships

Be reliable: Follow through on commitments, show up on time, and be consistent in your actions to build trust and reliability

Show appreciation: Expressing gratitude and acknowledging others' contributions can help build a positive and supportive relationship

Be open-minded: Being open to new perspectives and ideas can help build a more diverse and inclusive network of relationships

Maintain boundaries: Setting clear boundaries can help establish mutual respect and prevent misunderstandings

Resolve conflicts: Addressing conflicts directly and respectfully can help build stronger, more resilient relationships

Nurture relationships: Regularly checking in, showing interest, and investing time and effort can help maintain and strengthen relationships over time